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Gobsmacked™ Queens Christine Sutherland and Rini Das discuss how to find prospects and valuable connections: A secret diary Gobsmacked™ YouTube Video

In this edition of Gobsmacked™TV:

Christine Sutherland and Rini Das, Gobsmacked Queens, donned in our PJs, discuss best practices of how to find our prospects by first determining "what" you want to do with Google+ and then answering the "who?"

Click for video here:

Google+ is possibly the most powerful business-building vehicle in the world today, so it's important to understand how to present yourself, and how to target and find the connections you need.

Key Takeaways:

1. You must figure out "What" before you figure out "Who": This was discussed in Video 2. Most important is never ever stop targeting. "Spray and pray" does not work.
2. University of Milan 2011 Study discusses 4.74 degrees of separation between all.  However this study was done on Facebook and is relevant to LinkedIn because both are bidirectional commitment. Google+ is uni-directional. So! any one with a Google account is available to be circled in.
3. Smart Circles
Be Smart about who you circle: Always! Always! Always! Look at About Page and their posts before you circle. We show you how to do the following:

(a) When you have leads (person or pages) from other sources, how to search for them? (Name, Web, Location)
(b) After you have circled a page or person, how to leverage their connections?
(c) Always check posts and About page of the profile before circling
(d) Actively circle:
- Those engaging with your posts
- Those engaging in other's posts
(e) Check out ripples
(f) How to leverage Community?
(g) How to smart search by topics? -- What works and what will not work?
(h) What is "share circle"?
4. Be Aware of these as you circle:
(a) There are daily limits and total limits
(b) Importance of Rearranging circles
(c) Again! Do not circle without seeing their posts and ABOUT page
(c) Public versus Private Posts: Implications to Search

Come back for Video 4: Where we provide tips on how to engage.

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