PAKRA® solutions help you hire, train, track, manage and maintain your most important resources through innovative, proprietary games, tools and services.

Founded in 2008 by a small group of passionate and like-minded entrepreneurs, PAKRA® works to change the game of learning as applied to business process. With an unparalleled dedication to sustain change and implement innovation, the PAKRA® team is continually evolving and expanding the possibilities of learning technologies and business processes to help clients work more efficiently and more effectively.

PAKRA® Games, Human-Capital Management SaaS and Consulting Services are deeply rooted in the following disciplines:

  • Operational and process excellence: Lean Six Sigma (LSS)
  • Learning methodologies: Bloom's Taxonomy, Kirkpatrick Model Level 4
  • Organizational behavior: large-scale change-management and influencing skills
  • Sales and Service management: Sales 2.0, customer-centric service
  • Design: simulation, game mechanics, games
  • Voice of the Customer (VOC): channel-management (phone, social media, web, chat) data, statistical analytics and business intelligence (BI)

PAKRA® Values

Everyone at PAKRA is driven by the following values:

  • Always learn
  • Be intellectually generous
  • Be rewarded for creativity
  • Experiment, measure and adjust
  • Make data driven-decisions
  • Deliver on-time, on-demand results
  • Be fearless about failure
  • Embrace diversity
  • Play games while working