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PAKRA® solutions help you hire, train, track, manage and maintain your most important resources through innovative, proprietary games, tools and services.

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PAKRA® Games

Make sure your employees are ready to deal with your valuable customers — before the interaction ever happens.

Highly engaging and immersive PAKRA® Games simulate real-world customer-facing and process-driven interactions — via any mode of communication, from face-to-face to phone to chat — customized to your work environment.

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PAKRA® Human-Capital Management SaaS

Scalable, on-demand tools and analytics for managers, trainers and recruiters ensure your agents are ready to maximize your customer's experience the very first time.

The easy-to-use and intuitive PAKRA® Console and PAKRA® Analytics people-management tools let you predict, track, analyze and manage learning ability, work process and employee performance.

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PAKRA® Consulting Services

PAKRA business-process consultants help you evaluate your existing processes and improve your hiring, training, coaching and learning-management processes through innovative PAKRA® solutions.

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Customer-Service Teams:

  • Your under 40 workforce is accustomed to learning through technology and social media — in real time.
  • Your customers' behavior is changing at an unprecedented rate.
  • Today's consumers want to be able to choose their own communication channel, be it telephone, email, chat, video chat or social media.
  • With PAKRA® solutions, our clients have improved customer satisfaction metrics by 39 percentage points and reduced avoidable turnover by 23 percentage points.

Sales Teams:

  • Today's savvier buyers want to communicate in their own preferred style (social media, email, web, phone, in person) and expect targeted solutions to their problems.
  • Most sales training focuses on a product-driven sales cycle, not a buyer-driven sales cycle.
  • With PAKRA® solutions, our clients have improved qualified lead generation by 20 percentage points and sales pipeline metrics by 17 percentage points.

Business Process Outsourcers(BPOs):

  • Typically, BPOs have 15%–20% annual personnel turnover and a 90-day learning curve for associates. This means, at any given point of time, one-third of their workforce is not performing optimally.
  • With PAKRA® solutions, our clients have seen a decrease in turnover by 10 percentage points and decrease in learning curve from 90 days to 50 days.