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Good-bye 2013. Hello 2014.


As we say good-bye to 2013, let’s reminisce about our major accomplishments:

1. We launched a web-store with
* Professional: Three best-selling games bundles for individuals seeking to improve their customer service and sales skills.
* Group: Human-Capital Management SaaS for small inside-sales organizations, insourced call centers, banks, help-desks, small contact centers, not-for-profits, etc.

2. Our Console and Analytics (Associate Coaching Management, Learning Communications Management and Process Performance Management) continue to be the features that are most actively used by our clients.

3. Our Learning Communications Management system had a new release. It is better than ever as an intuitive-to-use, on-demand, Kirkpatrick-Level 4 learning system.

4. We are thrilled that 99.99% of our users continue to rate our system as "very easy to use".

5. Our Lean and Operational Maturity consulting and Enterprise product-lines scored big wins with name-brand, Fortune 300 companies as clients.

6. We introduced new innovations in social-marketing analytics and Leaned our product-development processes.

7. Our Plugged In With PAKRA blog includes two new series in addition to ongoing features:
* We launched a Women in Leadership blog in conjunction with Dr. Sherry Peck of Capital University.
* We established a presence in Google+ and launched a community called Gobsmacked(TM) in conjunction with Christine Sutherland of speednetworking.com.
* Our Metrics and Skills Series plugs interesting takes on KPIs, X-drivers and Skills required to meet those process metrics.
* We continued our Learning Series consisting of interviews with learning innovators.
* In iPAKRAFact you can add your thoughts and mini-blogs.

As we say hello to 2014, here is a preview of PAKRA’s “coming attractions”:

1. We will reintroduce our Lean and Gamification Workshops to help customers standardize process and behaviors in sales, compliance, order-to-cash and customer service processes.

2. We will release more learning games bundles.

3. We will expand our offerings for our repeat free-users.

4. We have a great line-up of interviews for our Women in Leadership blog series. For both our Learning and Metrics, Skills and Customer Experience series we will present many interesting trends and ideas.

5. We will continue to provide value as your trusted-adviser.

On behalf of the PAKRA team, I thank you for a successful 2013 and for recognizing us as global experts in process, behaviors and learning.

Rini Das


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