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Alois Bělaška, CEO of Friendsplus.Me discusses Google+ as CRM: A Gobsmacked™ YouTube Video

In this edition of Gobsmacked™TV:

Rini Das, Gobsmacked Queen hangsout with Alois Bělaška, CEO of Friendsplus.Me

Friends+ Me is an app that allows you distribute your Google+ posts to various social media channels (such as Twitter; LinkedIn profile, pages, groups; Facebook profile, pages, groups etc)
We discuss the following questions.
0. What Friends+ Me does? Who are the competitors?
1. When did they have their first paid user?
2. How many users do they have now? How many join per week/day on average?
3. How many employees are involved in answering user questions/concerns?
4. What systems are they using to track and trend all user's concerns? What are the opportunities for SCRMs to build on Google+ API
5. Do they ONLY use all Google products (Gmail for business, Hangouts, Google Voice, Community(Forum) and chat etc) to manage customer interactions? Or do they use other web, chat, phone platforms such as Zendesk, JIRA?
6. How many requests for help do they get per day/per week? This includes instances where user emails to info@, community page, personal email, chat, hangouts, phone/voice
7. What are the top 3-5 concerns (For example, billing, initial set-up, routing, server etc)?
8. How quickly are issues responded? 2 hours or 2 minutes
9. How seldom are issues "unresolved" in first attempt?

Watch the video.


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