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Gobsmacked™ Queens Christine Sutherland and Rini Das discuss how to target: A secret diary Gobsmacked™ YouTube Video

In this edition of Gobsmacked™TV:

Christine Sutherland and Rini Das, Gobsmacked Queens, donned in our PJs, discuss best practices of how to target  and segment our prospects by first determining "what" you want to do with Google+.

Watch the video here.

Google+ is possibly the most powerful business-building vehicle in the world today, so it's important to understand how to present yourself, and how to select your target market!

Key Takeaways:

• Decide on "what" before "who"
• No "spray and pray"
• Understand the personas of your buyer before you segment
• Geographic may or may not be a factor
• You must be a trusted adviser on G+
• A/B/C rule
• Difference between B2B versus B2C
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