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Introduction to Gobsmacked™ Google+ community

Experts and users of Google+: We have lots of questions for you. Come, join our Google+ community Gobsmacked™.

Join * Share * Engage

This is your Google+ community where as a professional, you learn how to best leverage Google+ as a channel for your business when you:
  • - Market your brands
  • - Generate your leads
  • - Acquire new customers
  • - Retain your customers
  • - Become a Trusted Adviser

Once you join, please review our "Behave! Guidelines" and start asking questions and sharing your experiences.  Gobsmacked Queens Christine Sutherland and Rini Das will frequently add blog-posts and Hangouts videos on Youtube and crowd-source answers to all your questions.

If you are not using Google+, then keep this in mind:

  • There are 330+ million active users in Google+, thereby creating opportunities for you to interact, to collaborate and to manage your customers who are active in Google+.  Are you missing out on those opportunities?
  • Hearsay Social recently posted, "If you ignore Google+, then Google search will ignore you."  
  • Do want the world to find you or your business via Google search?

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